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Why You Should See Texas in the Spring

I’d never been to Texas before this trip,and I picked the best time possible to come. Texas in the spring is a colorful place, bursting with wildflowers everywhere you look. It’s also blue bonnet season, which meant nothing to me until I saw pictures of these conical shaped blue flowers. I didn’t even know Texas …

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Two Days in Chicago

“Why are you here?” was a question we heard often when people found out that we had left the warmth of the Sunshine State to come to Chicago for a trip in the middle of January. I’ll admit,¬†among all the snow and the iced over Chicago River and Lake Michigan, I wondered that myself. Yes …

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Christmas, Shipping Containers and Food Comas in Las Vegas

  Going to Las Vegas for business is so different than going for pleasure. There was no pool time, no going to Cirque du Soleil shows, not even a single yard of margarita! To be completely honest, I’m a bit over Las Vegas. It was a lot of fun the first few times I went …

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Godzilla Washington

My friends and I took a bus up to NYC and spent 14 hours there on Saturday.  Exhausting.We were down on Wall Street and were sitting on the steps across the street from the NYSE.  A camera crew came up and asked us to move because they were filming a Russian movie there.One of the …

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San Francisco

This past week has been insane and I can’t even think about blogging about it all because it’s too much and too overwhelming. So I’ll just write about my amazing San Francisco trip for the time being. I left Friday the 14th for San Francisco. After a tearful goodbye to my family, I left Tampa …

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Pros and Cons of California

California is an amazing state. Everything you could possibly want is located within its borders. You can go to the beach one day, the desert the next, skiing the day after, shopping in some of the biggest cities in the country, hiking among Redwoods or waterfalls and eat at some of the most renowned restaurants …

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