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Friday Flashback-Sunrise at Machu Picchu, Peru

Darkness was lifting quickly, the sense of urgency growing with every twist and turn as the tourist van lazily drove up the mountain towards Machu Picchu. Didn’t the driver know we all woke up this early to watch the sunrise? And if he didn’t hurry we would miss it? We were running on 4 hours …

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Swimming in the Amazon

The water was shockingly cool on my feet-a sharp contrast to the humid afternoon air deep in the middle of nowhere in the Ecuadorian Amazon.  The lake was roughly 30 feet deep, according to our guide, and the water was black and foreboding.  The sun was slowly sinking and the swamp trees cast long shadows …

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Yellow Fever

Well my luck has finally run out. In all of my travels I’ve never gone anywhere that requires vaccines. So imagine my surprise when I read that panama can deny entry to people coming from countries where yellow fever has been reported. Ecuador happens to be one such country.  Will they even check to see …

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I Survived Cartagena, Colombia (And It Was Easy!)

Colombia: Not Really As Dangerous As You Might Think The first thing most people would say when I told them about my plans to travel to Colombia was “Oh my god, it’s so dangerous there!  Aren’t you worried about getting kidnapped or killed?”  My answer was always no, which makes me wonder if I  don’t …

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I Love Colombia! I Hope!

Because that’s the next country I am visiting!  I’ll be going to Cartagena, Colombia for 4 days next month and I am quite excited.  I’ve wanted to go to Cartagena for over 3 years now ever since reading an article about it in Nat Geo Traveler.  We got a killer deal, $250 RT!