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There’s a Cockroach in My Room – A Filipino Horror Story

There’s a cockroach in my room.  It’s the first thing I notice as I follow the front desk helper into my room.  As soon as he puts my bag down in front of the bed, I point it out. “There’s a cockroach,” I say, trying to be as polite as possible when all I want …

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Leaving Philippines and Going to Borneo

Borneo sunset Brian and I went to the mall together at 11:30.  We went to a few stores before I found a camera I wanted.  It turned out well because I finally have a waterproof camera.  I bought the camera and an 8 gig memory card and it was less than $200.  We then went …

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Philippines-My Most Frightening Travel Experience

August 23 Today started out bad, but ended on a high note, and a sobering one as well.  A crazy ex-police officer hijacked a tourist bus full of South Koreans and Americans and killed some of them.  It was an all day standoff that ended with the kidnapper being killed by the police.  It happened …

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Day 6- Bohol, Philippines Island Tour

August 22 This morning I woke up at 8 with Tony’s alarm.  I was so tired and I had no voice.  I slept in til 8:30 then dragged myself out of bed.  Our driver arrived at 9 and we embarked on our Bohol Countryside Tour.  The driver was listening to depressing ‘soft rock’ in the …

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Day 5-Bohol, Philippines

    August 21 Well fml, I lost my camera.  I think I left it at the beach when I was manhandling the hermit crab.  I was pretty pissed, but it’s hard to stay upset when you’re in the Philippines.  I went snorkeling before lunch.  It was amazing.  Apparently there is coral here ( I …

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Day 4-Bohol, Philippines

August 20 Another day in paradise.  Tony came in the afternoon and took a long nap.  I did the usual, reading and walking around on the beach.  We went out to dinner, then found a hermit crab.  Tony was taking pictures and then I leaned over and started playing with it, then we found out …

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