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Bahamas Charges HOW MUCH for Perrier?!

Because the Bahamas residents to not pay income tax, personal gains tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax or gift taxes, the country has to find other ways to collect taxes.  This means that tourism and food are heavily taxed to make up for the lack of taxes elsewhere. These bottles of Perrier water, which you can …

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Riding a Mototaxi in Dominican Republic

Last weekend, my friend and I were sitting on a park bench near the Caribbean Sea, in a town about 40 minutes outside of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  We were looking to make our way to the airport when we were approached by a man offering to take us on his motortaxi for $5 less …

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Las Vegas

Ah, the Las Vegas lifestyle. On June 5th, Tia and I drove across the Mojave to the desert oasis that is Las Vegas. We only spent 20 hours there but it was incredible. I normally don’t like to go to the same vacation destination more than once or twice because there are just too many …

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