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Breakfast at the Burj Al Arab

Rising majestically from the waters of the Persian Gulf, the Burj Al Arab looks like a massive sail boat anchored just offshore of the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  It’s the world’s only 7-star hotel (self-proclaimed, but never mind that) and their cheapest rooms are over 1,800 square feet and cost over $1,700 US. …

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Running in Dubai

Life is…sprinting across a busy highway in Dubai, your clothes so soaked in sweat they have become a second skin, to try to reach the marina in time to take a picture of the sun setting over the water.  Even though you don’t make it in time, and you’re now dripping with sweat and gasping …

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I really enjoyed my brief stop in Bahrain.  Sure, I didn’t leave the airport but it was still an awesome cultural experience and it left me wanting to see more of the Middle East. I didn’t want to seem rude, so I didn’t take any pictures of the people in the airport, but it was …

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