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What Places Are Part of Who You Are?

“What places are part of who you are?” I have thought about this question so much over the years but had never seen it verbalized until just the other day. I just read an amazing book called Hokkaido Highway Blues by Will Ferguson. The author hitchhiked from the very bottom of Japan all the way to Hokkaido …

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How I Accidentally Adopted a Dog in Korea

Have you ever accidentally adopted a pet? Probably not. But then again, if you were living abroad and volunteering with animals, maybe you have. I accidentally adopted a dog in South Korea, and it was a wonderful story. Daegu, South Korea has an animal shelter called KAPS (Korean Animal Protection Society).  At the time, they would …

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A Bittersweet Layover in Seoul

I was already getting excited about my brief overnight layover in Seoul, South Korea when I was at the Shanghai Pudong airport, waiting in line to check in, surrounded by women excitedly talking in a language I almost sort of understood-Korean. After weeks of hearing nothing but Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese, I finally could recognize …

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