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How to Apply for a Chinese Visa (For US Citizens)

China is not an easy country to travel. From the time you arrive to the time you depart, you will struggle. But the struggle starts early. China requires travelers from most countries to apply for a visa before you even arrive. This is not as easy as filling out a form and mailing it in. …

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What Places Are Part of Who You Are?

“What places are part of who you are?” I have thought about this question so much over the years but had never seen it verbalized until just the other day. I just read an amazing book called Hokkaido Highway Blues by Will Ferguson. The author hitchhiked from the very bottom of Japan all the way to Hokkaido …

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How I Accidentally Adopted a Dog in Korea

Have you ever accidentally adopted a pet? Probably not. But then again, if you were living abroad and volunteering with animals, maybe you have. I accidentally adopted a dog in South Korea, and it was a wonderful story. Daegu, South Korea has an animal shelter called KAPS (Korean Animal Protection Society).  At the time, they would …

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Completely Lost in Macau

“I wonder how I can get a visa to stay here?” I found myself wondering as I walked the streets of Macau, passing by school children playing in parks, signs in Portuguese, English and Chinese, and residential apartment buildings. It certainly wasn’t the first time I’d wondered how I could legally stay longer in a …

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Friday Flashback-Rainy Season in Cambodia

Rainy season in Cambodia is no joke. It runs from May to October and it rains hard. We went at the tail end of rainy season in October and the ground was so saturated the puddles looked like lakes in Angkor Wat. Outside of Angkor Wat, the streets of Siem Reap were extremely flooded. When …

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A Bittersweet Layover in Seoul

I was already getting excited about my brief overnight layover in Seoul, South Korea when I was at the Shanghai Pudong airport, waiting in line to check in, surrounded by women excitedly talking in a language I almost sort of understood-Korean. After weeks of hearing nothing but Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese, I finally could recognize …

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