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Surviving the Amazon-Day 3

Our third day in the Amazon was the busiest of them all and first brought us to the Siona Indian Community down the river. We disembarked on the riverside and took a rickety wooden path towards the village. The village was small, but the houses looked well made and had some surprising amenities. This was …

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Surviving the Amazon-Day 2

I awoke shortly after dawn to the Jurassic Park-like sounds of howler monkeys off in the distance. To me, nothing says ‘you’re in Latin America’ like the bellowing of howler monkeys. I took out my earplugs and the screams became even louder. I was happy that I had brought my ear plugs. If you think …

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Surviving the Amazon-Day 1

We sped down the murky waters of the Amazon in our motorized canoe, scanning the dense trees for signs of life. We were on the lookout for birds, monkeys, snakes and sloths. Luis, our expert guide, sat in the front of the canoe, shouting excitedly when he would spot something before we saw it (which …

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