Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling

I’m a little ashamed to admit this: in the 13 years I’ve been regularly traveling abroad, I’ve never used a money belt of any kind. Never.

Once, I flew home from Korea with $5,000 US in cash, just laying in my carry-on bag. I was so afraid of something happening to it that I never let that bag out of my site in 24+ hours of traveling. I even brought it in the plane bathroom with me, and slept with the strap tied to my ankle.

Oftentimes, I scatter my money around different pockets of different bags, and sometimes even in the lining, so at least if one bag is stolen, I won’t lose everything, and if one bag is broken into, they probably won’t find all the money in that bag. But that also means that I forget where my money is hidden. I was looking for something in an old travel bag and found $100 in a side pocket, a forgotten wad of cash from our African honeymoon a year earlier.


A perfectly good place to store your cash, right?

In Guatemala (and a host of other countries as well), I walked around with about $40 in my pants pockets, and the rest of my money stuffed down my bra and in the toes of my sneakers. Classy, I know.

But that was much better than the time I just had all of my euros and credit cards in my wallet, which was in plain sight in my unzipped purse, which led to me being pick-pocketed at a mall in Barcelona. I was left essentially penniless in Europe, not a euro to my name. You can read about that fun time here.

So, when Tekoware offered me their money belt to review, I jumped on it. For my trip to French Polynesia in April, I would finally be a responsible traveler. I would keep my money safe.


The first thing you notice about the Tekoware money belt is how crinkly it sounds. That is the special lining that prevents criminals from being able to scan your information from the RFID chips in your credit cards and passports. The crunchy sound goes away with use, so don’t fret!


The Tekoware money belt

Unlike a lot of money belts, this one is not bulky and it rests pretty flush against your body. If you aren’t wearing form fitting clothing, nobody would be able to tell you were wearing it. It also has a stretchy strap to fit many different body sizes.

The awesome part about the Tekoware money belt is how much room there is inside! There are two different pockets on the pouch. The smaller pocket is big enough to hold all of your credit cards, as well as all of your money. It’s long enough to not have to fold your money up to get it to fit.


The second, higher pocket is deeper and big enough to hold your passport-and the passports of your travel partners! My husband and I were able to fit both of our passports in the same pocket with room to spare. You could easily keep your cell phone in with your passport too. It’s that roomy.


Since I am married to someone more responsible than me, my husband has used several other money belts in the past. As soon as he tried it on he said:

“This is the nicest money belt I’ve ever worn!”

And, since this is the only money belt I’ve ever worn, I have to say I agree!


Thanks so much to Tekoware for sending me a free money belt to travel with. Although I received this Tekoware money belt for free, all opinions are my own.