Irma Effing Gerd: Live Blogging From Hurricane Irma

  1. We stayed. That’s about all I can say. We are in a safe place and although I would like to have left the state, we didn’t. So why not live blog the storm?

As of the last hurricane advisory, Hurricane Irma is expected to make a direct hit over my home. Not good. I vacillate between moments of calm, times of uncontrollable sobbing, and freaking out screaming that we’re all going to die. But now that Hurricane Irma is upon is, there’s not much time left for anxiety. Now it’s time to blog!

I will try to post hourly updates as long as possible.

8:29 am: wake up, see it’s before 9, take 2 xanax, try to sleep.

9:35 am
: can’t sleep, go on Facebook. The track has shifted more west, now looking like the Tampa Bay area will be the first place Irma comes on land.

: live stream the weather. Irma is heading due north, which would be great for all of us as landfall would be in the Everglades. We’ll see what happens.

10:05 am
: found out that the plumbing in my parents house has already backed up so we cannot use the toilets.

10:15: go out into the living room and eat a piece of banana bread. There is very little wind and rain. Looks like a typical wet day.

10:30: start blogging. We’re watching Ozark because it’s always nice to see that there are people in worse situations than you.

10:38: My parents have told us we can’t shower here either because of the plumbing. I just flipped out on my mom. It’s ridiculous, but that’s what stress does to you. I wanted to go home to shower but we aren’t allowed back home at this time so I will have to go find a relative’s house to shower at. We don’t really know when we might have running water again after this so I would like to shower while we still have the chance.

10:50: I went into my room to get things ready to go shower and discovered that my parents cat has attacked mine and then pissed all over the floor of the bedroom to mark his territory so we are now cleaning cat pee. This is going to be a long day.

12:30: all showered at my aunt and uncle’s house. The rain has started but it’s not windy yet. The latest update has the hurricane moving 10 miles east which is good for us because it may not be a 100% direct hit and the sooner it gets on land the sooner it weakens. Finally some sort of good news.

1:47 pm The winds have started. It’s raining some, but not too bad. The wind is not constant, but it is starting to gust. Nothing major. The air is actually cool. We were trying to figure out where to park our 2nd car, but realized that my parent’s driveway is as safe as anywhere else. We’re hoping for the best as we think neither of the big trees will be close enough to fall directly on the cars. Fingers crossed.

3:30 pm the wind gusts are getting stronger. The wind is howling. I was almost napping until I heard the front door knocker move. It’s coming.

3:48 pm: Freaky video. There’s no water in Tampa Bay right now.

3:51 pm Irma has officially made landfall over Marco Island in Naples. Naples is about a 2.5 hour drive from us, a bit over 150 miles away. Hurricane force winds should be starting in our area within the next 2 hours.

4:40 pm power has flickered but it’s still on. The gusts are getting close to 50mph. It seems unfair that this beast is coming over us so late at night.

4:51 pm we were outside doing our dishes with the hose in the middle of the hurricane since the sewer backed up into the house earlier. Nothing has felt so absurd.

5:05 pm prepping for the future power outage

5:28 pm The wind gusts are really picking up. I’d guess they’re close to tropical storm strength now. When the wind blows we all stop and look out the window. The trees are starting to bend.


6:17 pm  eating dinner now. The power is still on but for how much longer I don’t know. The wind is steadily increasing and the gusts are probably in the 60s. The storm is weakening which is nice but it will still be a nasty storm tonight and tomorrow morning. My cat is still hiding the under bed.

7:00 pm My dad and I did the dishes in the yard again, then decided to take a short walk down the street. You can definitely feel the wind picking up now, massive gusts that made us hesitant to walk under the trees. We waited until the gusts stopped before we continued on. The branches of the neighbor’s maple tree were creaking. We took some pictures as well. Sometimes you have to laugh.

7:26 pm It’s a dark and stormy night. We have some big bands coming through momentarily, it’s so dark it feels like nighttime and the wind gusts are getting scary. I am not expecting we will have power much longer, but it’s held out longer than anyone expected so we are hopeful it will last a while longer.


7:38 pm There was a loud explosion and our power went out momentarily.

7:43 pm Our phones started buzzing with an emergency warning that high winds would be in our area soon and to take shelter immediately. We have our lanterns out and ready. The power is not long for this world…

7:57 pm It’s completely black outside and the wind is crazy. It sounds scary now. The doors in the house are moving.

8:07 pm The power went off and on again. We went outside onto the front porch to look at the storm. If you’ve never experienced a hurricane it’s hard to describe just how windy it is. Think back to the windiest day you’ve ever experienced, multiply it by 100, add in pelting rain and flickering electricity. It’s spooky during the best of times, downright scary at night.

9:30: lost power. We knew it would happen eventually but kept hoping for a miracle. It’s really amazing we had power as long as we did. I had turned the air down low this afternoon so hopefully we will be comfortable through the night.

10:46 pm: I’m lying in bed listening to the wind howl outside. Earlier the sky was lit up by greengflashes, one after another, followed by a groaning thump. Transformers blowing all around the area. I thought my live blogging was over but somehow my iphoneinternet has started working again. It’s difficult blogging from the phone s iI apologize for any spelling oerrors r weirdwords . Like that. My phone is sort of doing its own thing right now.

Being in the dark with an absolute savage storm outside has given me a lot of time to think . Unless you have been athrough a natural disaster like this youtcan’t understand the emotional toll it takes. I’ve probably taken a months worth of xanax this week. I’ve gone from laughing at something on reddit to crying like a baby ibecauseI forgot my toothbrush when I left my house in a snap. When the prediction came yesterday afternoon that the storm may hit Tampa directly as a category 4 hurricaneiI completely lost it and was screaming that we were all going to die. As someone who has lived in FL most of my life ,I’ve been through countless hurricanes but none have ever struck this kind of fear in my state. The fact thatrHurricane Irma turned north sooner than expected spared us. My aheart ches for the people of Naples and the Keys where caIrma me ashore but this storm would have devastated so much of the state if it had gone into the Gulf and intensified. I know with certainty that I will have a home to go back to, which is not something I could say even 12 hours ago. I know with certainty that my family will survive. That feeling is priceless and just writing this me brings to tears. When you know you May lose everything that’s when you realize whreareally matters in life.