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Walking in Kathmandu

Taking a walk in Kathmandu was quite an interesting experience, filled with temples and tea and monkeys and…sex talk with a Nepalese man… One day when I was in Kathmandu, I decided I wanted to go to Durbar Square and the Monkey Temple (not it’s real name but that’s what everyone calls it).  I somehow …

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Mt. Everest

I have to say, seeing Mt. Everest in real life definitely rates in the top 3 things I’ve ever done in my life.  It was an experience that is even hard to put into words.  But I’ll try. I’d wanted to visit Nepal for many years for 2 reasons.  It had always intrigued me because …

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3rd World Countries-Nepal

If you’re reading this, you’re lucky.  You’re sitting at a computer, probably in your house or at your job.  Your stomach is full, or it will be after your next meal which is coming up in a few hours.  You’ll sleep in a warm bed tonight and bathe and change into clean clothes.  It’s really …

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