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10 Times When Travel Sucks

Is there anything better than travel, than being immersed in new cultures, eating new, delicious food, seeing sights that leave you speechless and in awe of this amazing world we live in? Travel is great! Until it isn’t. It’s easy to write posts about awesome experiences you have while traveling. Who doesn’t love reminiscing about …

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I Survived Cartagena, Colombia (And It Was Easy!)

Colombia: Not Really As Dangerous As You Might Think The first thing most people would say when I told them about my plans to travel to Colombia was “Oh my god, it’s so dangerous there!  Aren’t you worried about getting kidnapped or killed?”  My answer was always no, which makes me wonder if I  don’t …

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I Love Colombia! I Hope!

Because that’s the next country I am visiting!  I’ll be going to Cartagena, Colombia for 4 days next month and I am quite excited.  I’ve wanted to go to Cartagena for over 3 years now ever since reading an article about it in Nat Geo Traveler.  We got a killer deal, $250 RT!