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Friday Flashback-Rainy Season in Cambodia

Rainy season in Cambodia is no joke. It runs from May to October and it rains hard. We went at the tail end of rainy season in October and the ground was so saturated the puddles looked like lakes in Angkor Wat. Outside of Angkor Wat, the streets of Siem Reap were extremely flooded. When …

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10 Times When Travel Sucks

Is there anything better than travel, than being immersed in new cultures, eating new, delicious food, seeing sights that leave you speechless and in awe of this amazing world we live in? Travel is great! Until it isn’t. It’s easy to write posts about awesome experiences you have while traveling. Who doesn’t love reminiscing about …

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Angkor Wat at Dawn

It was still dark when we arrived at Angkor Wat by tuk-tuk.  We walked down a long pathway that led to one of the most famous temples in the world.  You could barely make out its outline in the pre-dawn blackness.  Eventually the sky turned from black to purple, to blue, then to grey.  It …

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