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Why the Nomadic Heart Can’t Be Satisfied

I always want to be on the opposite side of the world from where I am.  I’ve read some interesting posts lately, from Adventurous Kate’s musings “On Living in Perpetual Motion“, to the equally as eloquent  “Why the Nomadic Lifestyle Can’t Last” by the Mochilera Diaries. Posts that have greatly resonated with me as I …

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Never Make a Bucket List

The bucket list. Presumably everyone has one, in varying states of completion. A bucket list is, quite simply, a list of things you want to do before you die, a.k.a. “kick the bucket”, goals you are deferring to a later date and time. I am here to tell you one thing: never make a bucket …

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Until We Run Out of Road- My Road Trip to Cape Tribulation, Australia

If you ever find yourself in Cairns, Australia, you’re probably there to see the Great Barrier Reef. Cairns, located in what Australians call ‘Tropical North Queensland’, is the gateway to the world’s largest reef, as well as a backpacker haven. But there is more to do in Cairns than just diving, partying or laying out by …

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Diving with Great White Sharks in Australia

  I am sitting on the edge of the boat with my feet dangling into the metal cage that seemed a lot more sturdy before I actually had to get into it. My heart is in  my throat and I wonder if I can go through with this. Some of the waves are big, the …

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Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road in southern Victoria in Australia was an incredible experience.  It was well worth the couple hundred dollars spent on car hire, hotels and gas.  You truly felt like you were on the edge of the earth.  Sure, there were throngs of tourists there, buses and buses of them, but when you looked …

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The Best Days of Our Lives

I often think about some of the days I consider to be the best days of my life.  Thankfully, there are quite a few that come to mind, but one has stuck out more than any other that I can think of in recent times.  My first visit to Australia was life changing.  I lived …

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