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Volcano Boarding in Leon, Nicaragua

I never thought I would throw myself off of a volcano, yet here I was, about to do just that. I took a few timid steps forward, the sulfuric  steam from the volcano sticking to the back of my neck and mingling with my sweat as the hot Nicaraguan wind blew. Each time I placed …

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1 Week in Nicaragua

Want to visit Nicaragua but don’t have a lot of time? Follow in my footsteps and you’ll be amazed at how much you can do and see with just 1 week in Nicaragua! Just so you know, you’re going to have problems planning a trip to Nicaragua. The problem with Nicaragua is that it has …

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A Day Trip to Viñales, Cuba

I grew up less than 250 miles from Havana. I could fly to Havana faster than I could fly to Atlanta, but, as an American, that was forbidden. Shrouded in secrecy and mystery, Cuba was somewhere I knew I had to go someday, to taste this forbidden fruit myself. I spent hours researching how to …

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10 Days in Vietnam

Vietnam. The name holds very different meanings to different people. Some think of the war, that awful time from 1965-1975 in which over 1.3 million Vietnamese and over 58,000 Americans perished in the jungles and rice paddies of Southeast Asia. For those of us born after the war, Vietnam is a place of intrigue, a country that …

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Irma Effing Gerd: Live Blogging From Hurricane Irma

We stayed. That’s about all I can say. We are in a safe place and although I would like to have left the state, we didn’t. So why not live blog the storm? As of the last hurricane advisory, Hurricane Irma is expected to make a direct hit over my home. Not good. I vacillate …

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Moorea: French Polynesia’s Most Underrated Island

When people think about French Polynesia, they envision expensive over water bungalows in Bora Bora. Bora Bora is the place dreams are made of, thought to be the most beautiful island in the world, the most romantic place to exist. Bora Bora is on almost everyone’s bucket list. But what if I told you there’s …

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